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Wall-Mounting TV's The Right Way

Yes, we all hear of horror stories where something that isn't done correctly falls apart or fails catastrophically, causing hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. If we want to stay away from this, why would we risk this in our very own living/bed room? Scroll down to see how a professional TV wall mount is done. This client knows this is one clean and solid job and definitely knows his TV will not be coming down unless he takes it down!

TV wall mount bracket installed and wire run to new outlet SC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR
We start with feeding power and cable to the new receptacle which will be concealed behind the TV.

TV wall mount bracket and outlets SC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR
New outlet all hooked up and ready to go!

TV wall mount and receptacles SC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR
We picked up our power from this receptacle below. The coaxial (cable TV) had to be run from the crawl space up inside the wall.

TV wall mount bracket and power strip SC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR
TV wall mount bracket complete, surge protector/power strip installed. Looks great!

TV wall mount and cables SC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR
All cables neatly tucked behind TV.

And this, folks, is how you hang a TV on the wall. At least this is how the pro's do it!

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