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Adding Sub-Metering For Tenants

Anyone have a single service shared between you and a tenant? Tired of guessing how much of the "shared" power bill belongs to whom? Well this client wanted an inexpensive solution to his shared power bill and together we decided on a 200 amp meter/panel combo along with an analog meter like the kind Duke Energy used back in the good old days. What do you think about this? I think it looks pretty good!

Electrical service meter SC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR
This is what greeted us when we started the job.

Electrical panel rewiring SC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR
In the process...

Analog power meter installed SC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR
Meter in place and operational.

Electrical panel view from over fence SC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR
Looks sharp...had to rework some of the conduits to make room for the panel.

Metered electrical service panels SC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR

Updated electrical panel schedule SC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR
Panel schedule in place. This one will be updated once more when we finish circuit tracing several circuits.

Another job well done!

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